Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Recent "Stamped" Vintage & Second Hand Findings

Greetings Stampees! I'm totally excited to share with you my vintage & second hand gems I've purchased in the last month.  At least twice a year I sell my clothes to Mustard Seed  in Bethesda, MD.  As usual, I couldn't help but browse the store while I awaited which items the buyers would purchase from me.  WELL!!!! I had been on the prowl for a sexy pair of red pumps.  As I pa-roused the store and glanced at the shoe display; BEHOLD a pair of sexy red patent leather Dolce Vita stilettos ($18)!  I hurried over to the display excusing myself past the hovering fellow shoppers when I realized that they were my size!!!!  As I sat down to try them on, I looked up and saw a beautiful cream mohair coat.  This was a vintage jewel.  A Regency coat that was estimated to be from the 1960's in pristine shape ($28)!  I tried it on and it was a match made in heaven.  You know what I did right???? I took the money I made selling my clothes that day and bought two beautiful and unexpected additions to my wardrobe.  That was a nice way to start off my November, but that was just the beginning...

A couple of weeks ago, I was strolling through one of my favorite shopping locales, Eastern Market, when I stumbled across the best thing that happened to me since H&M opened a location in DC!!!!!  The name of the store is Clothes Encounters of a Second Kind.  How cute is that????  This consignment shop features everything from beautiful vintage pieces from Chanel to more modern pieces by Anna Sui.  I was really surprised that after several years of frequenting Eastern Market, that I had never discovered this store.  I asked the owner how long she had been there and she said, "probably before you were born".  She then added, "1979".  Which just so happens to be the year I was born.  KISMET!!!!  I was able to land on my first visit there a pair of orange leather gloves lined in cashmere for $15!!!!!!!!  Never been worn!!!!!  I was so excited about this find, that I told pretty much everyone including my fashion mentor, my daddy!!!!  Well of course, he wanted me to take him and my mother there.  So, I did just that!  We ventured there the following weekend and I was able to find a pair of black TOD'S loafers ($42)  and a vintage navy leather Paloma Picasso purse ($25).  I was even more excited because I got my parents to buy me these items (s0me things never change), lol!  Also, my dad was able to find my mother a very nice Italian leather purse ($40, not pictured) and also scored a pair of Betsey Johnson polka dot w/leather trim ballerina flats for my little sister ($15, not pictured). 

Needless to say, the second trip was a success!!!!  The lesson here is, everything doesn't have to be new-new and cost you some body parts to look fabulous!  Hope you enjoyed my journey!  Talk to you all soon!

By the way, if you just finished reading this blog, consider yourself STAMPED!!! ;)

Mustard Seed photo courtesy of their website


  1. i LOVE that place too! :) Infact I'm in need of a nice "Sunday coat". I'll be there this week ;)

  2. I adore Mustard Seed! It is so NOT a good thing that the store is literally one blk from my job (hard earned $ poof!).

    Now, this new find "Clothes Encounters" I will deftly add to my "errands" list this weekend! :)

    So love your blog! I guess I don't mind being officially STAMPED! :)

    - An undercover shopholic

  3. I love your blog! I am Stamped!!!!

  4. When will you take me vintage shopping?! I love your style. I need to upgrade my look.


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