Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oxblood? Burgundy? Wine? Well…

I actually prefer the vintage word maroon (maroon was one of my favorite colors in the 144 crayola pack back in the day when I was young and not a kid anymore) myself.  I mean, we could get down into the technicalities of the different shades, but who really cares???  There, there...I know you guys are really obsessed with saying Oxblood.  Try saying it three times really fast!  "Oxblood, Oxblood, Oxblood!" Feel better now?  Well great!  LOL!
What's up Stampees?!  I hope everyone is safe and endured Sandy's temper this past week.  I personally just enjoyed the couple of days off I had from the day gig.  Actually, I was ready to get back to work to rock my new vintage Aigner coat and my Shoemint heels.  Don't judge me! Motivation is MOTIVATION!!!

Leather Coat: Etienne Aigner (Vintage); Shirtdress: GAP; Necklace:  Baublebar; Tights: H&M; Earrings & Bag: F21; Bracelets: H&M & Banana Republic; Ring: Banana Republic; Shoes: Shoemint; Glasses: Warby Parker
So, Oxblood? Burgundy? Wine? Well....
I like to mix them all together.  Stampees & Stampers are Trendsetters!
I'm starting a new trend of saying maroon all the time.  Say it with me...
Yeah, You've been Stamped!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Greens are Good

What's Happening Stampees???  I've been pondering a lot on my diet lately and came to the realization that some revisions needed to be made. You know from the time we are old enough to eat solid foods we are constantly told by our parents and the like that "greens are good for you".  Well unlike many myths parents pass down to us, that statement is true.  I personally don't think I'm having a balanced meal without them.  However, I could stand to add a little more to my diet.  Similarly, although I've always been a fan of green, I could stand to add a little more to my wardrobe.  This autumn, my wardrobe wouldn't be balanced or complete without some green in it.  Actually, I'm really feeling all types of green right now.  Yeah "greens" are good.

Jacket & Pants: H&M; Sweater: Zara; Collar: 80's Purple; Loafers: The Gap; Earrings: F21; Bracelets: Gifted and BCBGeneration; Ring: Banana Republic; Sunnies: Asos; Clutch: Vintage via Threadflip
The moral of this story is: Don't be afraid to add some greens to your (clothing) diet.
You've been Stamped!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Belated Post: Lucky Fabb Conference & NYFW Spring '13

Hey Stampees! It's been a minute, but if you have been following me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you will know its been a crazy couple of months. Part of the craziness was planning a move, vacation and Fashion Week all in the same month. I actually went to Bahamas and NY within the same week. I literally packed two separate suitcases, went to Bahamas for vacation, flew back and the same day grabbed my other suitcase and caught the red eye train to NY to be at the Lucky Fabb conference by 8am the next morning. Crazy right? Well despite all of the traveling drama, I managed to have an awesome and productive time with my fellow blogger friend, WebHauteJas. The conference was great!  Learned a lot and did some valuable networking.  I was also able to catch two great shows on my trip, ParkChoonMoo and Son Jung Wan.  Now I know NYFW has come and gone for a while and you were inundated with blog posts and updates.  Well, that's exactly why this post is fashionably late ;).  HA!  Like how I made an excuse for my tardy post? Yeah me too, lol.  Meanwhile, here are some of my STAMPED outfits from the trip...

WebHauteJas and I waiting to get into Lucky Fabb Conference.

With my favorite red head Alexandra Amarotico of She Is Red.

Highlight of my trip was visiting Levis in Soho and getting featured on their Instagram.  :)

Outfits (from top to bottom)
  • Vintage dress:  Buffalo Exchange; Earrings: R'Belle Boutique; Bracelet: H&M; Briefcase: Urban Outfitters
  • Shirt, vest, skirt: F21; Necklace & Earrings: H&M; Shoes: Prada
  • Ombre' Suit & Sunnies: Asos; Shell: H&M; Ring: Kenneth Jay Lane; Bracelet & Pill Box Hat: F21; Booties: Mea Shadow
  • Top, Jeans & Satchel: F21; Necklace: Madewell; Shoes: Escada; Watch: DKNY; Spike Bracelet: T+J Designs
  • Blazer & Shirt: H&M; Shorts: Old Navy; Earrings: F21
There was a lot going on this trip, but it was well worth it.  I scored approx. $1500 in free stuff from the Lucky Fabb Conference and got inspired by great shows and fabulous people. Great trip all in all!  Stay tuned for SOS's new website release coming very soon.
It's been a while, but you've been STAMPED!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I wrote this a few years ago when experiencing a bad breakup.  Those bags under my eyes say it all!  LOL!  I don't think I've ever been this raw, real...Insane.    Now it's not painful to hear, read or speak.  Nice to be free, and now I can share...

"Insane" by Olisi Johnson
He called me again. I didn't pick up.
Too consumed with thoughts of how this psuedo-manifestation of love began and continually ends.
With me hurt, receiving less than what I deserve and am worth.
Yes he wooed me and pursued me in every way that I dreamed, but everything isn't what it seems.
What were portrayed as true feelings couldn't follow with this consistent diss. Respect and love were amiss.
Still I didn't want to believe, I was just hoping (hoping) that all those I miss you's, I'm sorry's and even I love you's would be followed with demonstrations of those words. I gave him a reprieve.
When will this cycle end?
This love I have for him should be a sin. Let me repent.
Because I keep saying that I won't let him back in again and yet I do.
I must pay for not thinking enough of myself to keep giving this unadulterated love away.
Deep down I'm still thinking something will change.
He and I will be better. I reason how could I give up? I'm a fighter. But when will I get tired of these hits? Insane.
Yes that I am, because deep down I knew me in his future was not apart of his plans.
His sentiments were about as real as turkey bacon.
If they were true, would all this he'd be forsaking? My heart is aching.
See, I was just a temp filling in while the new hire got prepped. I was over stepped.
Yes overworked and under appreciated, but my heart (my poor heart) was fixated on you. Hoping that the clue was untrue. Insane.
Being in love with you must mean I'm in love with pain. That's the only justifiable reason I would go through this again and again. Do you understand what I'm saying? I'm insane. I want and need to be removed from this circle of distrust. For you it wasn't love, it was just lust. To move on I must.
So check me in. Yes check me into Betty Ford, Saint Elizabeth. Whatever it takes to rid me of these insanity fits!
I'm not taking anymore of your emotional licks. I'm officially and permanently pissed!
But honestly, still I miss...

You've been Stamped with some poetry!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day-n-Nite Vintage 80s Romper

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Greetings Stampees!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Recently, I've found a new exciting place to buy vintage clothing, Buffalo Exchange.  Well, I stumbled across this 80's romper and just had to share it with you guys!  Notice how I took the look from day to night with these minor changes:
  • Accessories
  • Tie of the headwrap
  • Shoes


80's Vintage Romper: Buffalo Exchange
Day Accessories:  Silver Hoops & Headwrap (tied in playful bow, not recent), H&M; Vintage Stewardess Bag, Coach; Leather bracelet, GAP; Shoes, Vintage Jordan's
Night Accessories:  Earrings, F21; Ring & Cuff, H&M; Same headwrap in day look tied into a knot in front for a more refined look; Clutch, Vintage; Shoes, Zara
Sometimes, you just don't have time to go home and change.  With a simple change in accessories you can transition from day to night!
Oh and make sure you check out Buffalo!  I've had plenty success there in the last month or so!  You can buy, trade and/or sell!  If you're in the DC area, they are located at: 1318 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005.
You've been Stamped!  Until next time...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dots on Dots on Dots

Hello Stampees!  As you all know I love to mix prints...Well this time I decided to mix dots...
  • Shirt & Trousers: F21
  • Lace Shoes: Zara
  • Ostritch Embossed Leather Satchel: Furla
  • Jewelry: Ring w/ball & Gold Cuff - H&M; Chevron Rings - Asos; Watch - DKNY
You've been Stamped!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Something Blue

I had the awesome pleasure of styling WebHauteJas' "Something Blue" Lookbook.  Click the picture to check it out!

Monday, June 25, 2012

SOS Changes: Switched Over to Tumblr

Hi Stampees!  I know it's been a minute, but I wanted to keep my favorite people in the loop.  I have switched the blog over to Tumblr.  You can access my blog by going to or!  I'm very excited about this change and hope you will still enjoy following SOS.  Please follow the blog and tell your friends all about it.  Also don't forget to check out my FB Page and follow me on Twitter!

I have some great things on the horizon that I just can't wait to share with you in the coming months.  Until, then keep Stampin'!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Feature on DC Goodwill Fashionista: Seconhand Thrills

Hi Stampees!  Miss me???  I definitely miss you.  SOS will be back in full effect this Monday June 11th.  Until then, check out our first feature on DC Goodwill Fashionista "Seconhand Thrills"!

Hope this Stamp holds ya :)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

S.O.S. Threads: Working in Pink

Greetings Stampees!  It's been a while since I have done an outfit post.  Mainly because I don't have the time to dress up for the blog.  So, when you see outfit posts, these are actually outfits I've worn in the streets. I'm not a person who wears a lot of pink, but I fell in love with this J. Crew skirt.  AND, the Furla briefcase was everything I needed and more!  I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed wearing the outfit.  Special thanks to my coworker Reshima Patterson who was kind enough to be my photographer for the day.

Sweater: Banana Republic
Skirt: J. Crew
Jacket: H&M
Necklace: Aldo Accessories
Earrings & Bracelets: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Briefcase: Furla

Don't forget to register for the Dexterous D.I.V.A. Style & Swap FREE event this Saturday from 2-6.  Limited tickets available.  All the info and registration is here.  You can also register right here on the blog.  

Also, Ask Olisi Friday's is coming up.  If you have any questions you would like featured, please send them to

You've been Stamped!  Have a great day!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Ask Olisi Friday's: Age Appropriate Jeans

Greetings Stampees!  It's that time of week.  Ask Olisi Friday's is here!!!  This question hails from Olivia in DC.
I'm a 60 year old woman who loves to be comfortable and wear jeans.  However, I always want to make sure that I'm not too trendy and wear the appropriate styles for my age.  Any suggestions Olisi?
Olivia, this is a great question.  No matter the age, women need and want to be comfortable in their own skin and most women like to do it with style. I always emphasize to my clients that it's not always what you're wearing, but how you wear it.  Here are three sets I have put together to help you execute wearing trendy and classic jeans with style at your age.
How to Wear Jeans After 50
First set: Classic Button Up + Flared Jean = Classic Chic
Second set:  Wrap Sweater + Straight Leg Jean = Relaxed & Timeless
Third set: Orange Cardigan + Boyfriend Jean = Veteran Trendsetter

The key to pulling off different trends at any age is mixing in classic pieces.  Also, always remember to pick the jean cut that is most flattering to you.  For example, if you're short, wear straight, longer lengths and pair with heels.  If you're curvy, flares and jeans with a bit a stretch are your friend.

I would love to talk to you in more detail to give you more of a customized synopsis.  Feel free to email me at for more details.  Also, since you are in the DC area, please feel free to come to our FREE Dexterous Diva Style Swap.  You can register here on my site or here!

Olivia, I pronounced you STAMPED!  Please keep me posted on your jean journey.  I'm sure with these basic tips you will be hitting the streets Stamped with style!

If you're reading this and would like your question featured on Ask Olisi Friday's, please email me at

Until next time sweeties!  Have a great, safe and STAMPED weekend :)


Friday, April 20, 2012

Ask Olisi Friday's: Frugal Shopping Spots

Hello Stampees!  It's that time of the week!  That's right, Ask Olisi Friday's is here!  This question comes from Linda in Arlington, VA.
What places would you recommend I shop for myself without breaking my wallet?
Linda, you sound like a girl after my own heart.  I love to shop, but I also enjoy being frugal.  It is possible to do both.  I'm a firm believer that you can look like a million bucks without spending it! I'm going to provide you with my top three favorite places to shop on a budget.  I will also give recommendations as to what each store is good for.
  1. H&M - I practically live in this store.  I appreciate how H&M has mastered the art of mixing trendy and classic pieces for a fraction of the price.  Check out one of my favorites from the Conscious Collection below, which features chemical free organic cotton, that is very chic and budget friendly.  Check out the rest of the collection here!  H&M also has great trendy accessories on a dime.
  2. The Gap - T-Shirt?  Jeans?  Yeah?  This is the place to go.  I know of many people that feel that they have to spend a ton of money on jeans, but I love Gap jeans.  They have good fits for almost anyone and most pairs are less than $80!  A good investment that doesn't necessarily feel like one.
  3. Zara - I have absolutely fallen in love with a lot of Zara shoes lately.  They have a good collection and a lot of their shoes are leather.  I find you can always find some cheap shoes, but they tend to look like it too.  Zara is a good place to go to find a nice leather pump or sandal without having to spend Choo or Louboutin money!!!
H&M Lace Skirt - $14.95
GAP Skinny Jean - $69.95
Zara Pink Cap Toe - $89.90

Also I love shopping thrift, vintage and consignment stores.  If you're up for the task, you can find some very good ones in the DMV area.  Here are a few of my favorites:  Unique Thrift, Junction and Clothes Encounters of a Second Kind. Another good tip is to do some online shopping with designer discount sites like: Ruelala, Ideeli and Hautelook to name a few.  Oh and did I almost forget to mention TJ Maxx and Marshalls?!?! You'll be surprised at some of the designer gems you can cop there.  So don't fret my lady!  There is plenty of shopping for you to do on a budget.  If you're looking for more ideas, please come join SOS and B Dexterous for our Style & Swap Fashion event on May 5, 2012.  You can register for free right here on my site. ---->

Linda, I hope I was able to send you in the right direction on your frugal shopping journey.  Please keep me posted.  If you would like a more detailed report customized for you, please reach me at

I pronounce you STAMPED Linda, now share the love!

If you're reading this and would like to have a question featured on Ask Olisi Friday's, please email me at!

Until next time my loves!  XOXO!
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