Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce Graffiti DC...

Hello Stampees!  I come bringing you a bit of knowledge and a lot of style.  I've had the pleasure of interviewing the haute and fabulous artists behind the best spoken word slam in the city.  They are well into their second season and they haven't even began to tap into their full potential.  Each show I'm not only impressed by the Graffiti DC team's talent, but by the young poets that come out to slam.  Are you ready to meet this awesome team?  Of course you are!  Please meet the ever so gifted and stylish Drew Law, Pages Matam, Rasheed Copeland and Yaya Bey.  

  • Drew Law, 26 - Host of Graffiti DC  
SOS.: How did Graffiti DC get its start?
DL:  Graffiti DC is the brain child of promoter Beny Blaq.  Beny is one of the biggest promoters in DC.  He started off as a poet and wanted to create a space for a younger demographic.  He decided to create a team of younger poets to show them the ropes of promoting.  He looked for the hottest young poets in DC and found use for them.  We all knew each other already, so gelling wasn't too hard.  We all have pretty cool dispositions.  We've had our issues, but we keep it behind closed doors.
SOS:  Describe your first slam experience.
DL:  I was with Rasheed & YaYa in line for Busboys & Poets 11th hour slam.  We literally got the last three tickets.  We got in and I signed up.  I had already been performing for two years, so the people who knew me were expecting a lot.  I ended up winning, and I've been hooked ever since.
SOS.: Ha, what a way to get started on your journey! Is there a piece of clothing and/or accessory that you like to wear when performing?
DL:  Not a thing.  I'm always comfortable.  That's usually a t-shirt and jeans.
SOS.:  There is nothing like the classic look of jeans and a tee.  Anything random you would like to add that you think people should know about GDC?
DL: We're all regular.  Probably too regular. We need to act like stars more.  LOL
Ha, I love it!  Next up....

  • Pages Matam, 23 - Co-Host/Slam Coordinator  
SOS:  Describe your first slam experience.
PM:  Nerve wracking, empowering, crazy!
SOS:  Hmmm, I'm sure you were dope as usual though!  What is your plan for Graffiti DC in the future?  What is the ultimate goal?
PM:  To get it nationwide as a major slam!
SOS:  That would be awesome.  I can definitely see that.  You know, I love the fact that you rock a great bow-tie!  How would you describe your style?  
PM:  Eclectic, very versatile.  Storyteller & conceptual.
SOS:  Diggin' that.  Anything random you would like to add that you think people should know about GDC?
PM:  It's awesome and we eat pizza after EVERY GDC show. 
Now it's time to meet....

  • Rasheed Copeland, 24 - Scorekeeper  
SOS:  Describe you first slam experience.
RC:  It was amongst a bunch of peers, so it wasn't that scary.  It was more about fun than winning.  I lost due to a time penalty, but after that I was hooked.
SOS:  What is your plan for Graffiti DC in the future?  What is the ultimate goal?
RC:  I think the ultimate goal is just to expose folk who normally wouldn't come to poetry events to art in a way they've never experienced.
SOS:  Nicely put.   I really dig your style.  How would you describe it?  Any trends you feeling right now?
PM:  I would describe my style as smooth, clean, and casual with just a hint of edginess.  A trend I'm feeling right now are buttons.  My collection is growing.
SOS:  Is there a piece of clothing and/or accessory that you like to wear when performing?
PM:  Quite a few things.  Either a scarf, some buttons or some sort of hat.
Last, but definitely not least.  Meet the first lady of GDC...

  • YaYa Bey, 23 - Floor Manager  
SOS:  Describe your first slam experience. 
YB:  It was at the 11th hour slam at Busboy & Poets.  I was super nervous, but I won.
SOS:  Nice.  You were the first poet I heard at GDC.  I was so touched by your poem, that I kept coming out to support.  I think you have great style by the way.  How would you describe it?
YB:  Tomboyish with occasional girly touches.
SOS:  Is there a piece of clothing and/or accessory that you like to wear when performing?
YB:  My thumb ring and anything with pockets.

It was very nice talking with the GDC team.  I had to interview them because not only are they beyond talented, but I dig their style.  I mean THIS IS a blog about my P.O.V. on fashion and style :) 

I want all you Stampees to support Graffiti DC by checking them out every 3rd Wednesday of the month at Liv Nightclub.  Check out their Facebook page for more details at  You can also follow them on twitter at @graffitidc.  I want to thank Drew, Pages, Rasheed and YaYa for making the time to share their experiences and style with us.  See you at the next show!!!

As usual, you've been STAMPED!  Until next time Luv's!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion KomPlex

Hey guys!  I'm back off my hiatus and I want to introduce you to my latest client.  I had the absolute pleasure of styling and interviewing Komplex aka Mr. KeepOnMoving late December!  I'm totally ecstatic that we got the chance to document it by video.  Check it out below...

As you can tell from the interview we had a great time working together.  Make sure you all support Komplex by checking out his music at  He has MAJOR things on deck for 2012!  Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot together.  He was "Dapper Dan".

"Alien Rockstar"  - Obey Hat, Hip-Hop Tee & Gap Jeans - Out of this world!

"Poetically Preppy" - Ralph Lauren Sweater Jacket...Classic

"Dapper Dan" - Ralph Lauren Jacket and Bow-tie, Gap Shirt & Pants, Chucks, Shoes

Check us out!  I wasn't planning to be on camera, but standing next to Kom makes me look good!  ;)

Komplex and I - Funky Fresh

I would like to thank my awesome team, Clarice Desgraves of Fresh Imagery Photography and Austria Henderson, my makeup artist.

Don't forget to check Kom out!  He is very talented!  Also, in the words of Komplex, 
"I'm on my grind like a coffee machine..."
My website launch has been postponed, but is coming soon!!! I'll keep you posted!  In the meantime, you can check me out on Facebook at and Twitter
Once again, you've been STAMPED!  Until next time....
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