Monday, March 26, 2012

Bauble Envy

Happy Monday Stampees!  I have to tell you...Over the weekend I caught a major case of bauble envy.  My good friend Clarice was caught red handed (literally); rocking a beautiful wooden & red/orange enamel bangle and ring that I just had to capture.  This set is definitely a conversation starter.  So let's talk, what do you think?   

These baubles are courtesy of Ann Taylor in Georgetown.  

I can't stop thinking about the outfits I could rock with these.  Let's just say, I'm hoping my good friend will let me borrow them soon (insert double wink here).  I'll keep you posted on that.  

You've been STAMPED!  Have a great Monday and I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Oh and don't forget about "Ask Olisi Friday's".  Send your questions in to!


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