Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello DC Fashion Week!

Hey Stampees!  I caught the fashion week bug when I was in NYC and decided to keep it going the following week in my hometown in Washington, DC.  I was sick most of the week, but was able to get myself together to hit the Ukraine Fashion show that Friday eve.  Let's just say, I was impressed with the designs that I was able to see.  My mentor and I showed up a bit late, so I didn't get to get pictures of the actual show.  However, as usual we made the best of it.  We was able to meet a couple of the designers and get some networking in.  Check out the pics below from the reception.

Red and White Wine Presentation
Love these girls!  Natalie & Erika
You can check them out at
One of the designers & Model
Ean Williams & I
You know I had to get a picture with a model, right?
Natalie (my mentor) & I

We made it a good night!  We left there and went to check out an upcoming jewelry designer's collection.  Stay tuned for that post.

Once again, you've been STAMPED!

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