Friday, March 23, 2012

Premiere of: "Ask Olisi Friday's"

Hi Stampees!  Here is the moment you've been waiting for....The premiere of "Ask Olisi Friday's"!  This is the place to be to get answers to your fashion related questions.  Let's get right into our very first question:

Tatiana from DC wrote:  "Where can I find a good pair of jeans for a low price?"
Response:  There are a few places you can get a great pair of jeans for a low price.  I personally love GAP jeans!  They have flattering fits for a range of sizes and shapes.  Another plus is that they carry ankle and tall lengths.  There is a pair of GAP jeans for pretty much everybody (including men, see "Fashion Komplex" post for an example :)).  Oh and with their new ad campaign featuring color, you can be classic, but on trend too!  Another great place to buy jeans is H&M.  Their jeans tend to be a little more trendy!  Great for finding a edgier wash or cut. Lastly, for the frugalista in you, Forever 21.  Forever is great for a good pair of skinny jeans for a very low price!  Check this pair out here! They also have some great pastel colored jeans.  I scored a lavender pair there recently.  I'm sure with these options, you are bound to find a pair of jeans that will fit you just right ;)  I hope my response helps.  Please check in with me and let me know how your hunt for a fabulous yet frugal pair of jeans goes!  Tatiana, you've been STAMPED!  Check out my favorites from each store below:
GAP 1969 long & lean jeans - $69.95

H&M Light Denim Blue Sqin Jean - $39.95

Forever 21 Whiskered Skinny Jean in Orange - $24.90

What do you think?
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