Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vintage, Darling...

I really wanted this dress, but it didn't fit so...
Greetings Stampees!  Over the weekend S.O.S. hit the streets to an awesome vintage store in Columbia Heights called It's Vintage Darling for the first Lady Bloggers Fashion and Beauty Social.  It was hosted by the creators of the event Dana James, Sarea-Flo Mack, Tamika Wilkins.  The event made for great food, drinks and networking.  Oh and did I mention the 50% discount off clothing???
Yeah it was fabulous...Check out the pics!
I passed it on to this lovely lady :)
Detailing is awesome!
She was extremely pleased!
Love this dress!  
Even better from the front!  Beautiful :)
Gift bags!
Beautiful lady bloggers!
AH yes!  Yours Truly and WebhauteJas

I truly had a great time at this event!  I really look forward to going to more events like these!
Well you have witnessed another post of S.O.S. in the Streets.  You know what that means....You've been STAMPED!  Now share the love!



  1. haha, i almost didn't recognize myself in that gift bag picture! I like the dress!

  2. this is a great recap! it was also great meeting you! loved how you rocked the wingtip shoes and the tuxedo. thank you for including me :)



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