Friday, April 6, 2012

Ask Olisi Friday's: Styling for the Short & Curvy

Hello Stampees!  You know what time it is???  Yeah that's right, it's time for Ask Olisi Friday's! This week's question comes from Cydni from DC:
I am a short curvy woman. I've noticed most of the trendy styles do not work for my shape. Do you have any suggestions for a person like me to stay on trend?
Well first off Cydni, there are plenty of trends you can wear as a short curvy woman.  The big concern should be the execution of the trend.  Here are five things you can do within the ever changing trends to be flattering for your figure.

  1. Wear tailored clothing.  I can't emphasize that enough. Clothing that is overwhelming (too big) can make you appear larger and clothing that is too tight can have the same effect. Well fitted clothing accentuates your curves.  This is especially true with jackets and pants.  Make sure that your jacket is waist length to accentuate your waist and your pants have a slight flare to balance out your hips. Which leads me to my next point...
  2. Celebrate your waist.  A small waist is something to be proud of.  Wear shirts and dresses that show it off.  Wrap shirts and dresses are your friend.  Also, wear belts!!!  Avoid empire waistlines/high waisted clothing.  Instead, look for clothing with princess seaming.  This will steamline your look and draw attention to your waist.  The peplum trend is great for showing off your waist too.
  3. Dress well underneath.  Make sure your bra is the correct size.  If you're not sure, go get measured.  This can make a world of a difference in how your clothes look on the outside.  A well fitted bra and great shapewear can be the difference between your outfit being a hit or miss.
  4. Elongate your legs.  I absolutely love this trick.  You can make yourself appear taller by wearing a nude shoe in the color of your skin and/or wearing tights and shoes in the same color.  Also, opt for pointed toe shoes over round.  This will extend your leg line even further.  
  5. Pick the right accessories.  The final touches mean so much.  Have fun with the jewelry.  Wear a chunky piece around your neck to flatter your neckline.  Stack your bracelets (I love this trend).  Also, pick the right bag because this is what anchors your outfit.  Avoid very small shoulder bags which can get can lost in the sauce.  Opt for a nice size hobo or an oversized clutch to stay on trend.
Cydni, here are some other quick tips.  Wear v-neck shirts to extend your neckline, very flattering.  Also, A-line with a fitted waistline and pencil skirts are great for your shape.  Don't be afraid of color & prints!  Here are some of my trendy picks that I think would be great for your curves.


Asos Floral Jacket
Top Shop Neon Biker Jacket


F21 Floral Blouse
H&M Orange Wrap Blouse


Dorothy Perkins Yellow Buttercup Dress
GAP Pink Wrap Dress


Mod Cloth A-Line Skirt
NY&Co. Black & White Print Pencil Skirt


GAP Grey Flat Front Trouser
White House|Black Market Red Crepe Pant

So Cydni, as you can see from the pictures above, you can wear trendy items.  There is color, floral, prints and excitement in all these pieces!  I also tried to show you that you can have fun with the trends in classic pieces like with the pencil skirt and crepe pant.  I will tell you what I tell all my clients, attitude is everything.  You have to be confident in your clothing.  So rock the trends and show off those curves!  I hope the information I provided was helpful to you.  If you would like to learn more, please contact me and I'll be happy to assist.

Cydni, I now pronounce you STAMPED.  Now, share the love!  Please keep me posted on your journey to find clothing for your short & curvalicious body ;)

If you or anyone else you know has a fashion styling question they would like answered, please email me at!

Until next time....

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  1. Thank you for this post! It was very helpful, going to put your suggestions into practice, will let you know how it goes.


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